Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I promised more pictures, and they are late- nevertheless, here they are!!.........

Saturday, March 18, 2006

THE FINAL DAY: 3/18/06

This is the last day of Seven Days of Service. I just want to say that everyone did a wonderful job contributing to this project- good job everyone!!
I will be posting some photos within the next couple of days. Keep checking for updates!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DAY 2: 03/14/06
Today is the second day of the Seven Days of Service project. I wasn't there yesterday to observe any of the progress, but I've heard it went really well. A lot of TV stations came to check it out and the Omaha World Herald was there too. I was located at the house on Franklin Street today. (see left photo) Basically, today consisted of cleaning, sweeping, and painting. Did I mention... A LOT of cleaning! I spent half of my time scrubbing down the walls, baseboards, and trim. After that, we worked on the window frames. Fox 42 News came to the house to check out the commotion. Also, a photographer, and some other reporters were working on a story. A lot of excitement! After breaking for lunch, catered by Sgt. Pfeiffers (yum!) We got to the fun part.... painting!! Melanie, Stacie and I started painting the window frames beige, which turned out to be the wrong color- the beige was supposed to be for the walls... ooops! I finished one room with the girls before leaving today. I think the window frames will be fixed tomorrow. Here are some photos of the day's work:

Melanie and Stacie Schrieber clean the walls.

Maggie Russell cleans the kitchen.

Jenny Miller cleans the cabinets.

Don Klosterman, Christa Horste, and Sandy Higdon stop for a second to pose for the camera.

Stephanie Goraczkowski (me!) vacuums.

Cleaning up outside.

Raking the leaves.

Preparing to paint.

Some of the guys patching up the walls.

Painting progress.

Things are looking really good so far. Everyone seemed to have a fun and productive time today- keep up the good work, everyone!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome to the Seven Days of Service blog!! Keep checking for updates and pictures the week of March 12!!